A place where I invite you to be an armchair traveler. Experience offbeat places virtually with me, in the comfort of your pajamas!

Feel the thump of the Royal Enfield Thunderbird’s silencer firing dug dug from national highways to no roads and off roads.

Experience nature away from the chaos of the city and the constant honking of cars. Come, have an utterly calming experience with me on treks in India.

From sunsets to moon rises to the night sky to star trails. From mountains to valleys to trees to waterfalls. Feel the splendid beauty this mother Earth has to offer in the purest of the colors but rarer perspectives.

Hi there, I am Jaineel Gosalia as
Now Kaamno, son of a doctor-engineer, graduated as an engineer, a dug dug RIDER turned PHOTOGRAPHER and now a TRAVEL PODCASTER

Join me in my journey on the dug dug. And through the Nikon and we’ll travel to all the stereotypes, differently again. Explore those unexplored destinations. Reach places preferring scenic beauty, of the imagination, in visual reality via off roads and treks. And this is what pumps the adrenaline and makes me wanna do more, travel more to explore more and be an adventurer I always wanted to be.